Session Details

What are your sessions like?
Hopefully fun! I strive to make your session as relaxed and comfortable as possible, regardless of the type of session. The best photos come from relaxed sessions because if you are tense it can really show up in your face and body language. If we are doing a session with kids then it will be more like a playdate than a stereotypical photography session. I prefer candid photography so I tend to follow the little ones around as they scamper about playing and exploring.

Who is the portrait session designed for?
The portrait session is designed for one individual. Think maternity session with just you and your beautiful belly. Your little one’s first birthday photos or any other special milestone. This session is unique and totally up to you. Whether you need headshots or you just want some great pictures, let me show you in your best light!

What about newborn session? How does that work?
It is never too early to book a newborn session. Why? Because it is preferable to photograph babies within the first two weeks of life (around 5 – 9 days old). This is a unique time to capture every flake of skin, fuzzy ear, wrinkly foot, pouty lip, wisp of hair and curled slumber. Since your baby’s birth date is unpredictable, a time frame will be reserved for you. That being said if you are looking to book a newborn session, it is a really good idea to book before your baby arrives so that we can assure you a spot, but it is not always necessary. Contact me today.

What is the best time of day to schedule a session?
The best time of day is when your children are at their best, when they are generally happiest. For kids, this is usually early in the day after waking up in the morning or after taking their first nap. It’s best to work with children before other things in the day wear them down.

In general I work weekdays after 5 and Friday mornings with a few weekends mixed in each month. Contact me at 678-469-2212 for more information about the time that is right for your family.

What should we wear?
This might be the most frequently asked question that I get and the answer is rather simple – wear anything you like! The session is about your family and what you feel comfortable in. Simple, classic and logo free clothing is recommended.

What happens after our photo session is complete?

Within a week of your session you will be emailed with instructions regarding your gallery. Your online gallery will be available for 1 week, expiring at midnight on the last day. There is a $25 fee to republish your gallery, so it is highly recommended that you place your order within this time. If no prints are ordered within 30 days all images will be deleted. The images that you choose for prints will then be archived and available for reprints for 1 year. You can expect your order within 2 weeks after payment is received.

When do I pay for my session and all the prints, canvases and other products I plan on ordering?
The session fee is due in full at the time of your session. Payment for products you order are due in full at the time your order is picked up which is usually within a week after your order from your online gallery is placed.

What kind of products do you offer?
I offer everything from loose prints to gallery wrapped canvases, press printed cards to albums. Contact Linda at 678-469-2212  for additional information and I will provide you with a full menu of items.

What if I have a question that is not answered here?
Contact me at or give us a call at 678-469-2212. We will be more than happy to discuss any specific needs or questions that you may have.